In 2016, I began a journey towards discovering the many beautiful places in Mexico. After having traveled the world for much of my life, a New Year’s Eve trip to Mexico City woke me up to the reality that many of the things I had traveled across the globe to experience already existed just south of the border.

Since then I have made numerous visits to Mexico, taking on new regions and revisiting some of my favorites again and again. As I accumulated knowledge of these places, I kept hearing the term “pueblo magico” thrown about and discovered that Mexico’s tourism bureau has designated more than 100 cities as being “magic towns,” places of notable importance or beauty.

Pueblo Magic is my attempt to share the magic of travel by documenting my travels to these and other cities throughout the world that I find to have a certain special quality. In addition, I’ll also provide some basic and not-so-basic tips and strategies to help my readers make the most of their travel plans, whether they be in Mexico or elsewhere in this great and mysterious world.


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