Upside: Receive $200 off $400+ Flight!

Update: This Upside deal has expired, but you can still get $125 off your first trip of $400 or more!

Introducing Trevor’s Travel Tips

Welcome to the first post of my new travel website. I’ve been writing in the travel space for several years, particularly about earning and burning airline miles and rewards points. I’ve also written a number of city guides and destination reports and that’s where I see this website going.

This site will be oriented towards providing readers with great tips on hidden spots and strategies for making the most of visits to cities and natural sights across the world. That said, there will also be a healthy dose of advice on making travel cheaper. When really good deals come along, I want my readers to know about them!

A deal with major “Upside” potential

I wanted to start off with a bang, and this truly is an awesome opportunity. For the next week, I have a code from a newer booking website called Upside, which will grant you a $200 credit (redeemable for gift cards that are good as cash, like Amazon and Whole Foods!) on a flight booking of $400+.

Pro Tip: You can also redeem for an Airbnb gift card and take advantage of my post “Airbnb Like A Pro: Tips for Booking A Vacation Rental” for even greater savings!

I learned about Upside from Doctor of Credit, one of my favorite travel blogs, and you can read more about the deal from their post. I can’t say enough about how great their website is and how much I’ve learned from them, even though I only discovered them several years after I began my “miles and points” journey.

What makes my code particularly useful in this case is that Upside referral codes usually only grant a $125 referral bonus to the new user. Upside has increased my code to $200 through 8/31, which will save you an additional $75.

Trevor’s Travel Tips Upside Code: rx32zr

If you have any questions about this deal, my new website, or just want to drop a line and say hi, you can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Disclosure: I will earn a $25 credit when you complete your first booking and earn yourself $125. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity! With that said, I promise to always post the best available discount code I’m aware of when writing about deals. In this case, my code offers the highest credit currently available, so what are you waiting for?


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